Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Good Reviews Keep Coming

The response to God is at the Meeting has been wonderful. There are seven reviews on Amazon and another on the WestBow web site. That site is www.mauricec.com. So now in addition to the blog, there is a web site. Thank you to those of you who have accessed either one or both sites.
My interest in this project is not for my ego. There is a need for any aid that works to help those in need find a solution to their addictions. Many of my inmate pals have appreciated a simpler explanation of the Steps. While most of them are quite intelligent, their reading comprehension is poor as their education is often abbreviated or even non-existent. The following is a real, current situation that is unfolding.
A gentleman, not yet 40, got out of prison about 4 months ago. He spent 20 years behind bars. If he gets caught violating his probation, he will face another 20 or more in prison. He gets to one meeting a week. He has a weekly UA and he ran the risk of failing the test a few weeks ago. Those of us who have had the blessing of sobriety for some time wonder why he would ever consider taking a drink again. How could anyone run the risk of a day in prison, much less another 20 years. Knowing the pain and grief they would cause their families with another incarcertaion, how can they chance another drink? But alcoholics and addicts do, if they don't get help. Those of us who are sober ought get on our knees daily and give gratitude to God for our reprieve.
Add this man to your prayers please. He is playing with fire and doesn't seem to know it.
One of the fellows from the Wynne Unit, who I wrote about in the book, was released from Huntsville two weeks ago. He is home now. While incarcerated, he improved his skills as a welder and had a job lined up before he went home. This is a great kid. He paid a heck of a price for whatever he did, but went home with confidence knowing his dad, his brother and his sister-in-law all attend A.A. meetings in his home city. I have no doubt he has been blessed with the gift of sobriety. Hopefully he will be going into prisons in his area to pass along the message he has received. The Texas Department of Corrections, encourages ex cons to go back into the system to demonstrate that sobriety works. While there are volunteers like me, the incarcerated really listen a lot closer to one their brothers who is successful in the free world.
Many of the prisoners tune into FM radio station KFPT Houston, on Friday evenings.  They take a radio blog and broadcast it over the air for two hours every Friday evening. The first hour of the program usually consists of an interview with someone involved in the problems of incarceration. The second hour the host takes calls from family and friends of the inmates in the Houston area. The callers get up to two minutes to "call out" to their son or daughter behind bars. The inmates love to listen to the show, especially those who never get visitors. Sadly, there are a lot in that category. I sent a copy of the book to the people who run the show, and there is a realistic chance I will be invited to review the book during the interview hour. In any case, I will try to get into the call que to say howdy to my friends. The only bad part of this process is that it lasts past my bed time.
One of my younger brothers has a good friend, a judge, who runs a alcohol and drug court in Pennsylvania. I have been invited to address the members of the current court class as a result of the book. So, in early June we are off to Harrisburg, PA, after attending Founders Day in Akron, Ohio.
Those of us in the Program are asked to carry a message of hope and recovery to the man or woman who still suffers. We all know there are way too many sufferers. We do what we can and leave the results in God's hands. So pray to be encouraged in the 12 Step work you do. I know I am not telling you anything new, but when we stay involved, for the benefit of another, we get to see the miracles up close and personal.

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