Saturday, October 29, 2011

So, here I am starting my very first blog - not knowing three days ago what a blog was.  My purpose with the blog is to start conversations around my book God is at the Meeting:  Spirituality and the Twelve Steps.  I was told by my publisher that it was imperitive I find someone "under the age of 30" to start a blog for me.  I guess that insulted me enough to go online and figure out how to blog - seems that even us old guys can type a sentence or two.  Of course, now it's up to you to make sure I have some followers (yep, I'm even picking up the lingo).  They also told me I must have someone under the age of 30 to start a Twitter account for me.  Not so sure about that one yet.  The publisher also suggested that if I couldn't "find someone under 30" to voluntarily start the blog for me, they would help me find someone to hire.  So they believe that not only am I too old to start a blog, but I'm also too old to know anyone under the age of 30???

Today is a big day for me - my first blog AND my first copy of God is at the Meeting was delivered.  It is somewhat surreal to see my name in print as "author" and hard to believe that two years' of work were condensed into such a compact package.

I wrote this book with the hope that even one person suffering under the lash of alocholism or drug addiction will pick it up and it will lead them to the healing Power. It was difficult to write, with thoughts pouring out from things that happened two days prior, to things that happened more than 50 years ago.  It sometimes hurt to remember all the days of feeling unwanted, shameful, and "less than." I believe those are feelings shared by most, if not all, alcoholics and addicts.  The hurt, however, was tempered by the knowledge that I am no longer that shame-filled, hurting person. With the power of God and the support of my fellows in AA, I know that I am loved, accepted and can live at peace with the world.

So, welcome to my blog.  I hope you gain from it and I look forward to any discussions my posts initiate.